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23rd Apr 2019

Stacey Solomon sparks debate by eating a 99 cone while pregnant

What do you reckon?

Being pregnant comes with a host of changes – including lots of advice about what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Stacey Solomon learned the hard way this weekend that tucking into a creamy 99 while up the duff might not be the best idea.

Stacey, who’s expecting a baby with boyfriend Joe Swash, shared a video of herself eating a whipped ice cream cone in the sunshine on Instagram.

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There was a swift backlash to the post, with many fans commenting that this kind of ice cream could be dangerous while pregnant.

Stacey went on to ask her Twitter followers what the problem was and some pointed out that ice cream machines can have a high risk of listeriosis if not cleaned properly.

Listeriosis is a form of food poisoning that pregnant women are more susceptible to than others.

In some cases it can cause premature delivery, infection to the newborn and miscarriage .

Others told her not to worry.

So what should you believe?

Here in Ireland the HSE includes soft-serve ice cream in its official list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

On the other hand, Britain’s NHS states that soft-serve “should be fine to eat when you’re pregnant, as they are processed products made with pasteurised milk and eggs.”

It’s one each woman will have to make her own mind up about, then.

If you’re concerned about food safety during pregnancy, chat to your doctor.