The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 30 5 years ago

The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 30

Week 30 – you're in the 3rd Trimester! Read more about trimesters here.

This week....

Your baby

Is just over 39 cm long and weighs about 1.3 kg.

While the wrinkled skin is becoming smoother, the brain is becoming more wrinkled to hold the additional brain cells required during the massive brain development that is underway.

Your baby's bone marrow has now taken over the production of vital red blood cells.



As you and your baby continue to grow, you can feel increasingly breathless, particularly as the uterus starts to press against your diaphragm.

That expanding uterus is also responsible for increase in the heartburn you are enduring. It, and a bottle of Gaviscon, may now be a constant presence in your day, and night!

Pregnancy hormones can relax your abdominal muscles so much that the abdominal bands of muscles separate, leaving a gap or bulge know as Diastasis Recti, It can be very uncomfortable and make it very difficult to lift or carry.