Little Visitors Coming? This Clever Company Hires Out Baby Equipment 6 years ago

Little Visitors Coming? This Clever Company Hires Out Baby Equipment

Travelling with young children can be chaos, let’s be honest.

It’s a circus act of juggling hand luggage, passports and very active little people; of trying to cram all your toiletries into a small plastic bag, while simultaneously keeping hold of an impatient child who would rather head straight for the bustling shops than form an orderly (and very long) queue in security; of walking for miles to the departure gate, at toddler's pace. You know the scene, right?

But did you know there's a brilliant service that can help lighten the load on mums and dads who live abroad? Parents and husband and wife team, Bartek and Olivia have opened a business at Dublin and Shannon Airports with the aim of making travelling to and around Ireland with infants and young children easier for parents. A brilliant service that's worth mentioning to any family or friends who are coming to visit.

From car seats and buggies, to travel cots and highchairs, The Stork Exchange hires all the bulky equipment that a little one might need, but without all the awkwardness of trying to travel with (or without) it. Staff are trained and insured to install the car seats safely into your car (or their hire car) and a delivery service means that everything can be set up and ready for their arrival.

Originally set up as a buy and sell website for baby equipment, The Stork Exchange has also been working with the Dublin Airport Authorities on the concierge and fast track services for families, to better support them on arrival or departure.

“Travelling with babies or small children can be quite stressful for parents” mum of two, Olivia says. “Baby equipment can be such heavy, bulky equipment, but utterly necessary for getting around.”