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01st Apr 2015

Blogosphere: A round-up of Easter-related blog posts

Hey Chick

Sive O'Brien

Whether it’s crafting or cooking, we can always count on parent bloggers to inspire us during the holidays. Here, we’ve rounded up three fab Easter posts from three fab mum bloggers.

1. Easter balloon chick friends from MollyMoo Crafts


A self-confessed craftaholic, this mum and graphic designer says she is inspired every day by clever design and everything handmade. It’s not surprising then that her blog is packed with lots of clever craft ideas. There are a few cute spring craft posts up on her site at the moment, but I was particularly drawn to these Easter balloon chicks – just look at their happy little faces. These guys apparently take just 10 minutes to put together using a quick bit of paper crating with balloons.

2. Edible Easter baskets from CrafTea

Bowl Stamp 1

Continuing along the balloon theme, mum, Ali over at CrafTea has shared a recipe for edible Easter baskets, using white chocolate, ribbon and small balloons. She says, “I saw this idea of dipping balloons into chocolate ages ago on Pinterest and I have wanted to try it ever since with the kids.” Anything that involves chocolate dipping sounds good to me. (Also a nice activity for the kids over mid-term.)

3. Backyard Easter egg hunt from Be a Fun Mum


If you’re thinking about making your own Easter egg hunt for the kids this weekend, there are LOADS of amazing ideas in this post, including games, food and craft ideas. The mum of four, who blogs at Be a Fun Mum, says, “I’ve come up with a variety of ideas to make the backyard Easter egg hunt fun. Pick one, two or more ideas and make it memorable.”