3 fun (and not embarrassing) baby shower games everyone will actually want to play 3 years ago

3 fun (and not embarrassing) baby shower games everyone will actually want to play

So you are hosting a baby shower.

Lucky you – it is quite possibly the sweetest and most adorably cute party you'll ever throw.

And if you have the venue locked down, the menu planned and decorations sorted, well, then all you need are some baby shower games. Because, ladies – one cannot throw a classic baby shower without an ice-breaker-y game or two – the perfect conversation generator when the cupcakes are done and dusted, we think.

And if you are on the hunt for some inspiration, we got you: Here are three fun and not-to-complicated games to play we think will go down a treat:

1. Baby shower bingo

What you need:  Pens

How to play: Draw up a table with 5x5 squares (25 square in total, in others words) and make as many copies as you need. Distribute the sheet to your guests and make them fill each square with gift item they think the mama to be will receive. As she opens a gift, the guests fill in their cards. Whoever fills in an entire row first wins.

2. Baby name race


What you need:  Pens

How to play: Give each guest a sheet with lines marked A-Z. When you say start, have them write down a baby name starting with each letter of the alphabet. The first person to complete the list wins!

baby shower

3. Who knows mama the best

What you need:  Pens

Write up a list of questions about the mama to be ("I went to XXX primary school." Or; "XXX was the name for my first real boyfriend." Or: "I went out with my husband for XXX years before we married." Or make up whatever questions and facts you want, really). Let your guest answer and whoever has more correct answers win.

Ideas via Bumpandblush.com