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21st Oct 2023

12 spooky baby names that are perfect for October babies


halloween baby names

It’s October and you know what that means!

This month is a time of spookiness, sweets, and cozy nights at home.

If you’re embracing the Halloween spirit then we’ve got the perfect list of baby names for you.

The list may not tickle everyone’s fancy but if you’re as obsessed with Halloween as we are then you’re bound to find a name you love.

1. Sabrina

2. Rosemary


4. Buffy

5. Draco

6. Carrie

7. Bram

8. Luna

9. Harry

10. Zelda

11. Willow

12. Hermione

So, feeling inspired yet? Which baby name is your favourite on our list? Is there any Halloween-inspired names we missed out on?