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23rd Mar 2023

Woman gives birth to 12lb 9oz baby at home

Kat O'Connor

A woman has given birth to one of the biggest home birth babies in England.

She welcomed a baby girl who weighed nearly 13 lbs.

Mum-of-three Ruth Harvey gave birth to her baby girl Tabitha on February 28th.

She opted for a home birth despite living ten minutes away from the hospital.

The mum decided to give birth at home in a birthing pool. She also decorated the room with fairy lights.

Her labour lasted for over 8 hours, but her partner Eddie and team of midwives assisted her throughout the birth.

The mum told Metro that her little girl was over two weeks late.

She said, “I make big babies anyway. My other two were 9lbs 9oz and 10lbs 1oz. We know the team of midwives haven’t had a baby this big during a home birth.”

“She’s a really big baby, a lot of people have commented but so far nobody has said their child was bigger.”

The mum has nicknamed her daughter ‘chunky monkey’.

Baby Tabitha is in good health and has only been in the hospital for one hour since she was born in February.

Earlier this year, a mum in Brazil gave birth to a child weighing a hefty 16 pounds.

Angerson Santos was welcomed into the world via C-section at Hospital Padre Colombo in Parintins, Amazonas State, on Wednesday, January 18th.

He is believed to be the biggest infant ever born in the state, beating the previous record of 13lb and 1.8ft.

His mum Cleidiane Santos dos Santos – had visited the hospital for a routine obstetric consultation.

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