Mum shares photo of her stomach after having three kids in 11 months 3 years ago

Mum shares photo of her stomach after having three kids in 11 months

Your body changes a lot when you're pregnant.

It's only understandable then that your body changes even more when you give birth to three babies during an 11-month period.

But Eliza Curby is not "embarrassed" about her postpartum body and she wants to tell the world why.

Taking to Instagram after giving birth, Eliza shared a photo of her stomach and gave an honest explanation as to why she was proud of her body.


In the post's caption, she wrote:

"Because I'm not embarrassed of the scars my body now carries.
Because I'm proud of what my body has done for me.
Because many women feel the need to hide it.
Because famous women post "look at my body just three weeks postpartum" and portray unrealistic images of what it means to be a mother.
Because I feel beautiful in my own skin - even if there's alotttt of it!
Because beauty takes many forms.
Because I can.
Because you should also be proud.
This is me... because I love my body."

The parenting blogger found out that she was expecting twins just six weeks after she gave birth to a baby girl in January 2016.

According to her website, Eliza experienced a lot of stretch marks and loose skin around her stomach after the birth of her twins.

However, the mum-of-two is not afraid to share these images online as an honest representation of what the postpartum body looks like and that's exactly what we need to see more of.