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Baby names

24th Sep 2023

The once popular baby girl name is going out of style

This baby girl name is beautiful.

Choosing a name for your daughter is not an easy task. There are just too many beautiful names out there, but there are some that are going out of style.

Floral and three-letter girl names are growing in popularity, but many names have decreased in popularity so much that they’re actually at risk of going extinct.

One moniker that would’ve been one of the top names in the 80s and 90s is set to go extinct, but some mums might love this option.

The name Stephanie has seen a major fall in popularity, but we think it’s a gorgeous moniker for your little one.

It may not be as popular as names like Mia, Grace, and Emily, but we think it’s a lovely option.

Stephanie is of Greek origin and it has quite a regal meaning.

The name Stephanie is derived from the Greek word ‘Stephanos’ which means ‘crown’ or ‘garland’.

It’s quite the fitting option for your little girl so why not revive this name?

Speaking about the ever-changing baby girl name trends, NameBerry’s Sophie Kihm said:

“Names tend to go out of fashion after they’ve been stylish for a while. Often, it can be measured in generations. Names tied to parents’ parents’ generation (the grandparents of the baby) are usually considered to be among the least fashionable choices one could use for a baby, like Brenda and Gary today.”

What baby names do you think will resurface in 100 years?