Anna Daly says she never knew becoming a mum would come with 'so many miscarriages' 3 months ago

Anna Daly says she never knew becoming a mum would come with 'so many miscarriages'

*Warning: This article refers to baby loss*

Such a heartbreaking time.

Anna Daly has gotten candid about baby loss, revealing that she never thought becoming a mum would come with so much heartbreak.

The TV presenter is mum to three boys, James, Euan and Rhys, with her husband Ben Ward and has now opened up about how the journey to be a mum came with more sadness than she anticipated.

Anna recalled enduring a "series of miscarriages" while speaking in a recent interview.

Sharing her heartbreak on the everymum podcast, Anna revealed that at six weeks into her first pregnancy, she suffered the loss of her baby.

"You go to have children, and you assume it's all going to fall into place, and it just doesn't," she said.


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"It doesn't matter how early in the pregnancy, the whole thing is planned in your head isn't it? Becoming a mother, you have that date in your head and you're working towards it."


Anna said that the day it happened, Ben was playing golf and she was dealing with "terrible pains". It was when she began bleeding that she knew something was wrong and headed to hospital.

"I went home and we cried, and just dealt with it in our own way. I just assumed it was unlucky and we would go again," she said.

Anna's second miscarriage happened while she was in Italy at her cousin's wedding, admitting she had been "extra cautious" as it was "take two".

Not even eight weeks at the time, only her cousin knew she was pregnant.

"I just remember the fuss of the makeup and the hair and the dresses, all of that excitement in the hotel room on the morning, and I was about to get my hair done and suddenly I felt those same pains again," she said.

"I was utterly heartbroken, because in my head I was thinking, "Oh, this isn't a numbers game, this is a problem. I can't carry a baby".

"I laughed and I danced that day. I do look back on it with great sadness, because deep down I was worried. I was worried about coming home, seeing a specialist, "What is wrong with me?" You feel like you have let down your partner as well.

"If you had told me that morning in Italy, that I was going to end up with three boys, I would have said that is clearly someone else's life, I will never be the mother to three boys. I would have been overjoyed to hear that then."


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