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23rd May 2024

‘Take the photos’ – Saoírse Ruane’s mum shares moving message

Kat O'Connor

The mother of Saoírse Ruane said she’s glad she took so many photos of her little girl

The passing of Saoírse Ruane completely broke our hearts, but her family is ensuring her memory lives on.

They captured so many happy memories with their little girl and it’s something that has been a major source of comfort for Saoírse’s mum.

She explained that having so many memories of Saoírse on her phone has been a huge source of comfort during this harrowing time.

The mum said capturing those memories was incredibly important for her and something we should all do more often.

Alongside a montage of special moments with Saoírse, she wrote:

“Thank god for phones….

“Some man say “put the phone away, be in the moment” I’m so glad I captured everything I did and I was always still in the moment.”

She encouraged her followers, “Take the photos.”

Following the moving post, Roseanna’s followers paid tribute to Saoírse.

“Such a staggering, staggering loss. Thank God for phones is right!” one wrote.

Another added, “I think we all miss her, even if many never met her before. Even if her time was short, her legacy is immense. You must be a proud mum, I just can barely imagine what you are going through, there was a beautiful bond between you two and still is.”

“You were so right to capture everything as you do with Farrah Rose too. Lovely to see your beautiful relationship together. What a joy to have had that in your life,” another wrote.

Roseanna has helped us realise that there’s no shame in capturing every moment, especially with your children. It takes two seconds to take a photo, but having that memory forever will mean so much to parents.

You can still document the happier times and live in the moment too.