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02nd Feb 2024

‘My mother-in-law tried to change my baby’s name’

Kat O'Connor

We’d be pretty bothered if this happened to us

A new mum has opened up about how her mother-in-law tried to change her baby’s name.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week, but her mother-in-law tried to take away from the moment by making demands about her son’s moniker.

Choosing a baby name is always a difficult decision, but we usually find one that suits our newborn perfectly.

The mum wanted to name her baby boy after her late father because they were very close.

She told Reddit: “My father passed away when I was 14 and we were very close. His middle name is named after my husband’s grandfather.”

The new mum said her mother-in-law is very opinionated and has been passing remarks throughout her pregnancy.

On the day of her son’s birth, the mum said she only wanted her husband there, but her mother-in-law stormed into the room.

She said she barged into the room and started making demands, even though she was in labour.

The mother-in-law tried to convince her son to change the baby’s name shortly after he was born.

“She asked the nurses if she could legally change his name. She even went as far as to accuse me of controlling my husband into picking his name.”

The new mum was understandably furious over this incident and yelled at her mother-in-law.

She said she would cut her off from seeing her grandson if she continued to act so poorly.

How would you react in this scenario?